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Patient Experiences and Testimonials

I am writing to say "Thank you", after almost a year my life has returned to normal.  As you know I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago.  At that time the RA specialist told me that any change in diet would not affect or improve my condition.  I began conventional pharmaceutical therapy.  After three years of drug therapy, I had no improvement and underwent surgery on my left elbow.  The surgery was a success but my RA was still not in remission and I had constant pain in other areas of my body.  I continued drug therapy including steroids which increased my body weight by 30 pounds.  In addition the pain did not subside except for brief periods.  Many times I spent most of the day in bed when I had flare ups.  I was at wits end and prayed to God to find some relief.  Shortly after this, I saw your ad in the newspaper, and subsequently went in for my first appointment.  The regime you prescribed for me was scary and hard at first.  I was giving up conventional medicine and going to control my RA only through diet modification.  It was not easy and it was not fun, but I feel better than I have in years.  I still have some slight pain with weather changes, but my RA is under control.  Words can not describe how thankful I am to you for your care and treatment.  You have given me my life back Thank you Dr. Aghdam!
G. Bisbee

I have been very satisfied coming to see Dr. Lida Aghdam, everyone is very nice in office. I have recommended Dr. Aghdam to my friends. She's always very concerned regarding any problems we have, and helps us to feel better. This is a great place.
Viola G.

I would never have made it through menopause without her!!
Vickie B.

Am I satisfied? Oh yes! After only one week of changing my protocol, I feel wonderful, enlightened and educated due to Dr. Aghdam's knowledge of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and overall medical knowledge.
Bettye C.

When I first visited Dr. Lida's office, I kept wondering, here I go again attempting to lose weight and start to eat right. While going through my check up, I discovered that I was pre-hypertension (147/97) and pre-diabetic. Of course, I was in shock since both of these diagnoses was part of our family history. All I knew was that I did not want to take shots or pills to control either diagnosis. Dr. Lida offered a natural alternative to shots and pills. She started me on the apple cider vinegar morning and night. Changed my diet. Now my blood pressure has been normal over a year. I lost weight and have mor energy. I also do not experience pain in my knees. Thanks, Dr. Lida.
Quett E.
I have struggled with my weight for years. Since coming to Dr. Aghdam, I am more aware of portion control as a part of this lifestyle change and have experienced positive results.
Meshelle S.
I came to Dr. Aghdam several months ago for hormone balancing and to regulate my thyroid. From the first visit, I was so impressed with the way that both she and her staff interacted with me. She took the time to answer my questions, explain the tests and ask about my lifestyle. I have wanted a doctor that deals with things naturally and thinks prevention rather than prescriptions and Dr. Aghdam is that kind of doctor. I trust my health to her and will be her patient for a very long time.
Danielle S.

I am so thankful for Lida Aghdam and the way she wants to treat people. She is doing the things that are the best. I appreciate her so much. I feel I can trust her with whatever is wrong with me.

When I came to Dr. Lida, I was exhauster and very moody. I couldn't understand why I was constantly depressed. I knew how to eat properly but was not following my own knowledge. Dr. Lida gently helped me see what I needed to do as well as explaining why and how exactly to eat. She is a prime example of what she teaches and prescribes. I was praying for an alternative doctor. She and her staff make you feel welcome and are helpful. I began to feel good and continue to day by day as I follow her instructions. Thank you, Dr. Lida, for all your study and to help women find a better path to health, spirit, soul and body.
Dale D.
I've been waiting for a long time for a doctor who stresses natural health and healing and I'm so grateful I found this doctor. Dr. Aghdam has both a medical background, plus a thorough understanding of how the body uses natural substances to prevent illness and heal the body. She is an incredible source for anyone searching for a doctor who can guide and direct them to ultimate health.
Betty D.

When I first cam to Dr. Lida Aghdam, I was tired of western medicine. Since having breast cancer two years ago, I have had my share of poisens put in my system. After being put on B-12 shots and various vitamins, I am proud to say I feel great! I have not felt this good in years. Thank God and Dr. Lida.
Elise G.

Since weaning off all my medicines I am feeling so much better. Dr. Aghdam is so wonderful and understanding and explains why she prescribes the plan she does.
Coleen G.

Before HCG diet my joints and muscles were stiff and aching. In just two weeks of diet it all ceased. Energy level also increased! It's wonderful to feel so good again!
Cathie R.

I was referred to Dr. Aghdam by a co-worker and was thrilled to finally find a doctor that has the abililty and willingness to treat patients naturally when possible. The staff, as well as Dr. Aghdam, are always very helpful and friendly. Great experience!
Jeannette M

I was referred to Dr. Aghdam by a friend who has wonderful results with hormone balancing and HCG diet protocol. My issues centered around my 47 year old hormones and weight. I have an extremely stressful life with a special needs child, a daughter with severe allergies and a husband with allergies and chronic gastric reflux. Since my husband is out of town 60% of the month, it is up to me to keep the family together, happy and healthy. I love that Dr. Aghdam embraces prevention and healthy lifestyle habits. I am now 49 and thanks to Dr. Aghdam am able to keep up the strength and energy to care for myself and my family. Dr. Aghdam cares for each patient and is so encouraging and so positive! She takes the time to explain the sequence of drugs and nutritional effects on the body, plus gives specific notes for me to follow. I have recommended her to many of my friends, as it is so difficult to find a doctor who embraces nutrition and prevention as a part of treatment. Her staff is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. We are so lucky to have Dr. Aghdam here to take care of us!!
Nancy H.

I love this office and Dr. Aghdam. When I first came here three weeks ago, I was feeling really bad. No energy, tired, cried easily and my brain was foggy a lot. Today I am feeling happy for the first time in months (except for days when something special happened to make me happy)! I am feeling mentally and physically better and hope to continue! Also, everyone here very nice and really seems to care about their patients.
Leigh W.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a number of years ago. Along with the disease comes a long list of ailments such a severe muscle spasms (distonia), severe weakness, sleeplessness, depression... I also have uncontrollable hypertension (blood pressure). I have been on 14 medications at a time with horrid side effects. Coming here has improved my life immensly. I appreciate Dr. Aghdam's approach, although the drink she makes me drink (full of wonderful things) tastes yucky, I love it because it has helped me so much! ... and getting off some medications (quite a few) is miraculous. I can sleep now; I am not moaning and groaning with 24/7 pain. I have stopped thinking of suicide to take the pain away. My hair has quit falling out. I still have a way to go, but there is hope in place of despair! The staff is compassionate and friendly. Aria is a sweety! Thanks for everything!
Mae D.

I came to Dr. Aghdam not sleeping well, fatigued, mildly incontinent. Within a couple of weeks following Dr. Aghdam's advice, I have been sleeping more soundly, not feeling tired all day and I no longer leak urnie when I sneeze or cough. Dr. Aghdam really listened to my concerns, and understood how to help me. Thank you!
Melissa H.

Thank you for your guidance and support in my efforts to bring both my cholesterol and weight under control. At age 62 I thought it was an inevitable part of the aging process. Through your recommendations of natural supplements, exercise and improved eating habits I am A+ in the blood levels and continuing to drop the pounds. Thank you! I feel great!
Kathy L.
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